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Thank you for choosing Pet Web Design to help you create your new, custom designed website. We want to design a website that ticks all the boxes:

  • Easy for you to use
  • Showcases your individuality and high quality pets
  • Simple navigation so your customers can easily connect with you

To make this happen we need some information about who you are and what you do best.

Please fill out the form below as best you can so we can bring your website to life. The more detail you give us, the better the final product of your website will be.

If you have any questions about the requested information or get stuck for any reason, please reach out to us, we’re only a phone call or email away.

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    Please attach your logo here. If you don’t have a logo we can write your name or your business name in its place.

    Call to Action
    How will your customers contact you?
    Phone, Email, Address, Contact Hours
    If providing an address on your website please specify if you accept walk-ins or appointments only.

    Do you have specific colours you want used on the website? If not, please leave blank.

    Hero Statement
    This is the first statement that will be seen on your website. What do you want it to say? It should highlight what your business does, who for and the benefit to your customer.

    About Your Business
    What services do you offer, what makes you stand out, who do you offer it to, what areas do you service, anything else you want to share about your business.

    3 Core Purpose Areas
    What are 3 core purpose areas of your business? This could be 3 main services you provide e.g. pet washing, pet grooming, fleas & ticks. Or it could be 3 pets you service e.g. Mobile grooming for dogs, cats & horses. Having 3 core purpose areas allows your visitors to easily identify what they need from you without feeling overwhelmed by too many options.

    Core Purpose Area 1
    Please provide a brief description of your first core purpose area. This should include information such as what the service is, what it involves, how the service is provided, why the customer should choose you for this service. E.g. for a dog grooming service you could mention points about providing a gentle, friendly service, it's a mobile service so you come to them, what is included in the grooming service and how long it takes etc.

    Core Purpose Area 2
    Please provide a brief description of your second core purpose area, following the same format and the one above.

    Core Purpose Area 3
    Please provide a brief description of your third core purpose area, following the same format and the one above.

    About the Business Owner
    Tell the visitor a little bit about yourself to make them feel comfortable and to connect with you e.g. who are you, when and why did you start your business, what are your business values, what do you hope to achieve through your business, anything else that makes you stand out or that you want to share.

    Why Choose Us
    Why should the visitor call you? What makes you stand out over other businesses? What do you provide that is exceptional? E.g. high quality grooming, friendly service, gentle handling, mobile service, affordable, after-hours available

    Photos will bring your website to life and help visitors feel connected to you and trust your business. The better quality your photos are the better your website will look. Aim for bright, colourful photos taken in natural light and try to avoid shadows.
    Please attach photos here, including:
    - Photos of your available services (make sure each photo is labelled with the service name before uploading so we know what it is)
    - Photo of you as the business owner or your team (for the ‘About the Business Owner’ section - if you don’t want a photo of yourself on the website just let us know)
    - Any other photos you would like to be used on the website e.g. vehicles, products used, happy pets
    If you don't have any photos just let us know and we will use stock photos instead.