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    About Our Pets
    What type do you breed? What is special about them? Personality traits, size, fur type, suited to indoor/outdoor etc. It's best to organise this into your 3 services/pet types, with a description of up to 100 words each

    Why Choose Us
    Why should the visitor call you? What makes you stand out over other breeders? What do you provide that is exceptional? E.g. high quality breeding, friendly service, health checks and vaccines complete, documents provided, micro-chipped, easy process to choose a pet etc.

    About the Breeder/s
    Tell the visitor a little bit about yourself and your team to make them feel comfortable and to connect with you e.g. who are you, when and why did you start breeding, why do you continue to be a breeder, anything else that makes you stand out or that you want to share.

    Meet Our Available Pets
    A list of your currently available pets. Name, Age/DOB, Sex, any other important information.
    We will teach you how to update this list directly on your website.

    Please attach photos here, including:
    - Photos of your available pets (make sure each photo is labelled with the pet type and pet name before uploading so we know who it is)
    - Photo of you as the breeder (for the ‘About the Breeder’ section - if you don’t want a photo of yourself on the website just let us know)
    - Any other photos you would like to be used on the website