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Pet Website Redesigns and Upgrades

A website redesign is akin to fixing faded paint, crumbling brickwork, unlit signs, and grimy windows on a high street shop front. Clients surfing the web who experience unclear or dated content, an unattractive design, a lack of SEO, or links that are broken, won’t stay on your site.

Does this sound familiar to you? Is your existing website not performing as you hoped it would and failing to attract traffic? 

Pet Web Design can help update or renovate your website to give it a boost and a complete new look and feel. Whether it’s a few tweaks here and there or a major overhaul, we are the team you want in your corner. We can revamp your website and bring it into the 21st century, so it attracts traffic, looks inviting and appealing.

Your new-look website will boost your bottom line and ranking. Our in-depth analysis will reveal the solutions to bring you a mobile responsive website focussed on your brand and your customers.

Some of the features we look for and improve to enhance your marketing strategy include:

A responsive website design.

Search engine optimisation.

Easy to navigate system.

Direct calls to action.

Enhanced user experience.

Eye-catching, uncomplicated design.

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How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost?

Every web developer has their own style for building and laying out a website. It’s akin to dancers adding their own flair to a standard routine. 

Before we can price a website redesign, we need to strip it back and understand how our predecessors coded and laid it out. Once we have that information, we can assess the best way to rejuvenate your website.

We carry out extensive research, background work and planning before we arrive at a point where we know what to do to fix your website. Consequently, every website redesign can be different and we quote on an individual basis.

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Get a free, no-obligation website redesign or renovation quote.

What Does a Website Upgrade or Redesign Entail?

There are several factors that Pet Web Design looks at when upgrading or redesigning a website to optimise its appeal. These include:


Looks do matter! As humans, we tend to form an opinion of something on appearance alone in a fraction of a second. This includes websites, so you want them to appear inviting and appealing to visitors.

Improving how your website looks can have a massive influence on how visitors perceive it, and how long they stay. After all, attracting customers is one thing, holding them there so they develop an interest in your business or service is another.

You don’t need bells and whistles or a design that would look better on an art gallery wall. A simple layout, with clear informative content, that’s uncomplicated to use and navigate will provide your visitors with the best experience. This, in turn, can convert those visitors into customers boosting your business.

Focus Points 

Certain areas of your website will attract visitors more than others. Pet Web Design will concentrate on these key sections to maximise their appeal. They include:

  • The logo for your pet business or service — identifiable branding gets you recognised.
  • A main image-contained homepage.
  • The navigation menu.
  • Visual appeal throughout.
  • High quality written content of the first page on your website.
  • The website footer — including social media icons, contact details and page navigation.
  • Clear calls to action — which address your customers needs.

The appeal of these focus areas can make the difference between a visitor staying and clicking through your site, or leaving for a better option. For this reason, we make sure your website renovation ticks all the boxes.

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Relevant and Up-To-Date Content

Keeping content fresh with relevant images on a regular basis will be more appealing to your visitors. It will also benefit your website in more ways, which include:

  • Search engines troll your content for indexing purposes, so the more relevant content you have, the more often they will visit your site. This, in turn, increases the visibility of your website — attracting more traffic.
  • Enhance your visitor loyalty and boost traffic by making sure your website has the most current information to keep them informed.
  • Sharing new content with your visitors helps you create an atmosphere of being an authority in your market. Your visitors will establish trust in your website — increasing your traffic and paying-customer conversions.

When it comes to the bottom line, renovating your website is a way to improve its effectiveness. It increases its appeal and encourages visitors to stay and learn more as they explore your content. The upshot is a greater potential to convert visitors to customers who purchase your service or products.

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